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Starting Off

For my first post, I've been debating on what all I should write. Should i just come out and tell people all about me? Should I tell everyone what happened to me? Or should I just take this thing slow and play it safe? I've typed up a ton of things, read over them all and ended up deleting everything. I was so nervous about doing this website,. What would people say? What would they think of me when they find out everything that happened? I prayed hard about it. I prayed for God to give me a sign, something to let me know what He wanted me to do. I thought about what life was like before I knew God; constantly feeling lost because I didn't know how to pray or really who I was praying to. Then it hit me - even though I didn't know him, he knew me. He was there reminding me of how disoriented my life was until I got to know him. I was saved to tell my story; to bring others closer to Him through my journey. He wants me to give hope to others; to use my story and my new found faith to help strengthen the faith of others. So, I encourage you to continue following along as I tell my story and follow my journey through this world; connecting with God together.




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